Green Mountain Family Shooting Center - Worst range I have ever been to!!!!!!!!

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This place sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I went here thinking it would be cool to go to an indoor range.

WRONG!!!!!!!! I was on the rifle range. First they put me on a lane they knew there was a problem with. Then after it took a *** 15 minutes after my first shot, they put me on another lane that had malfunctioned earlier that day.

Before that one could even break they moved me to another lane. I ran the target out to 100 yards, shot about 20 rounds then tried to run it back in and low and behold it took a *** too!!!!!!!!!!! Iwas told that they had no mre lanes that were working. So I packed up my stuff and went to see about a refund or rain check or something.

As soon as I even mentioned the word refund some old hag behind the counter started in. As if it was my fault their equipment is in such poor shape. She made the facility look even worse than it is with her crappy attitude. And the room full of people waitng to shoot got to see it first hand.

I can't say it enough, THIS PLACE SUCKS!!!!!!.If they were to take better care of their equipment and get rid of the wicked old hag and her little flunkies trying to intimidate everyone that walks in by sporting pistols on their hips and treating you like a kid when they try to explain the range rules tan maybe I would go back.

Green Mountain Family Shooting Center - Staff are rude, unprofessional, and lacking in firearms knowledge

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Can't recommend!!

I wish I could considering the scarcity of shooting facilities but I have been there three times and the staff is always rude, unprofessional, and lacking in firearms knowledge. The facility is expensive, $21 per person for only 30 minutes and they charge every person even if you are sharing the same range.

Until now I have put up with the rudeness and cost because they were close to my house but today's experience has put an end to that. I went in to sight in my new 50 beowulf and the lady behind the counter said I couldn't shoot it there, obviously confusing the 50 beo with the 50 BMG. I politely explained the 50 beo is closer to a pistol round than a rifle and that it has less power than the deer rifles that are shot there all the time. She asked the owner who turned around and said I couldn't shoot because last time I brought that rifle in I shot some lights out. I informed him that it was a brand new unfired weapon that I had just gotten the day before so he must have me confused with someone else. After realizing his mistake instead of apologizing he turned his back on me started to talking to someone else, I asked if I could shoot and he said no changing his story to the gun is took powerful, all the while people where shooting larger guns in the background, showing that even the owner lacks firearms knowledge or is just too immature to own up to a mistake.

Needless to say I won't be back.

Green Mountain Family Shooting Center

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Between changing targets on the rifle range the female employee commented on my shooting without me asking her opinion. She told me that I was shooting too high (roughly 2 inches high @ 100 yrds). After I explained that was my intent she awkwardly left me to place a new target for the next rifle I intended to shoot.

She then returned to tell me that I was placing my target too high on the stand, which hangs from the ceiling. I asked if I could place my target on a larger one I saw in the trash. She confirmed that this was acceptable. I began placing the two targets together on the stand, to which I was instructed to tape the targets together. She again awkwardly left me to shoot.

As I was moving my supplies to the shooting bench for this final target the male employee entered in a rage to tell me that I had better follow the rules or he would show me the door through the wall (cinder block wall). He then followed with a rude instructional session telling me that my target must be centered on the ranges standard size target or it would cause a safety issue. As I was leaving the facility the male staff member asked me to never return.

I would recommend that you consider this an unsafe shooting venue as the staff carry concealed weapons and in my case threaten customers with bodily injury. In the two times the female employee made comments about my shooting or target, she did not attempt to convey that the targets must be centered.

Please consider the safety of your fellow shooters as well as yourself and not give this facility your money.



I went there a few weeks ago and they said "NO STEEL AMMO".Well..most Russian made 7.62 has bi-metal jacketed ammo which is a THIN layer of steel covered in copper around a LEAD core.

This is barely magnetic but they would not me shoot any of it even thought the ammo can be checked out on line and shows the ammo to be bi-metal jacketed.

Now to make a long story boring I would not have minded if the person next to me wasn't shooting a magnum round rifle that literally shook the lights in the place and cause a flame, not a spark, on the backstop about 4 inches around with every shot.How come the "Deer rifle" was OK to flame out the back stop but not the much milder 7.62...oh wait, I was using an AK, those are MUCH more dangerous to backstops....


I agree.I have been there a few times before, and was greeted with the same hassles.

Have to check all of your ammo, no steel cased, ect. They even told my buddy that he could not shoot a 50 beaowulf because it was bigger than a 50 BMG! The idiocy never fails to impress me here, and in my opinion, there is no reason to go here ever.

Staff is very under-qualified, but believes that they know everything, and need to tell you about it.DONT GO HERE


who cares?


This is the worst shooting range I have ever been to. I have been to GMFSC before and had a great time even though the prices were a bit high. Well I went again to get a new rifle sighted in and that experience alone will keep me from spending any money there. The price has increased to $21pp for the rifle range only. Now I was okay with that price but I expected much more for that price. First off, they don't allow any steel cased ammo and want every magazine emptied before you are allowed on the range so they can inspect all of your ammunition. Still not a deal breaker but very annoying and this would limit the type of firearms I can bring to the range. Well we started shooting and about 45 minutes in my buddy and I were the last people shooting on the range. He had most of his brass eject forward of the firing line and went to ask if we could sweep up what we could reach with a broom without crossing the line. "No problem" said the range worker who would later change his mind and not allow us to get OUR brass even though we were the only ones shooting. We continued to shoot and not 10 minutes later we were told that our time was up and we had to finish what we had loaded. Again we were the only ones on the rifle range and their website specifically states that if there is no line, you can shoot as long as you want. We asked the worker about this and he said that there were other customers coming onto the range and we asked if we could both just shoot from one lane and of course the answer was no. So we packed up and TWO shooters came into the range, which does not mean a line was forming, but yet we still had to leave. We were nothing but nice and respectful and still were treated like children. So for $21 per person, we got a little under an hour on the range and had 75% of our brass laying on the floor with nobody in line. I will tell all of my friends to not frequent this range and hope that this review will keep people from wasting their money. I believe Cherry Creek is $15 per person and you can shoot from open to close if you have the time and ammo.

A side note, but still very important, the staff at the range was not very knowledgeable or experienced in firearms. With the mention of an AK, only jokes and uninformed comments were given. I don't care if you approve of a specific firearm or not, it is not your job to critique somebody's firearm. Your only job is to make sure the range is run in a safe and clean manner and personal opinion can be thrown out the window as long as the rules are being obeyed.

Sorry for the novel and thanks for reading. If you haven't already assumed, I would never recommend that anybody waste their time and money at Green Mountain Family Shooting Center.

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